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Since our focus is to design and integrate custom fit Technology & Business, our solutions are the tangible and sometimes intangible results from the application of our intellectual property (experience, proper knowledge, methodology and information database) and our networking.

We work with processes, interviews, questions/answers, facts and sometimes assumptions (not desirable but sometimes necessary) putting all of them together in order to produce the expected and desired results is the fundamental stone of our existence in the market.


SFlake2We are living in age of the Internet and Globalization. There is data spread everywhere at amazing proportions and the increased sales velocity and intelligence, demands more efficient, flexible and personal IT & Business solutions. One of our value added proposition is to collect, filter and transform this DATA in useful INFORMATION, delivering a solution that will specifically address the business needs and requirements



As the chances of two snow flakes been alike are virtually zero, so are the chances of applying the same solution to two different IT/Business environments and achieving the same results. Custom fit solutions are not an option, they are a MUST.


“Nature uses as little as possible of anything.”
Johannes Kepler